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Welcome to IDP Electronics Co.,Ltd.. We are located in Guangming district,Shenzhen China, mainly manufacturing commercial display system.  It produces Digital Signage, Video Wall and Interactive Touch Screen Display etc. Our goal is to be a dominant supplier of Large Format Display System.

IDP Electronics has been verified by the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems successfully. With ROHS, CE and FCC certified, the products are distributed in Europe, North and south America, East Asia and other regions.

The Research and Development department consist 17 expert engineers which enables IDP Electronics to provide innovative product with the latest technology. Meanwhile this is of great help for precise and fast understanding of customers’ requirements.

Since 2004 the company has being focused on manufacturing good quality products that best matches needs of specific applications. From sales, design, development, manufacturing, shipment and after-sale support, IDP Electronics pursues to create real value for customers, superior and sincere services as well as highly efficient action.

IDP Electronics Co.,LTD.