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Warranty period:

1)The warranty is 12 months free of charge. All the products are lifetime maintenance.

2)In the warranty period, it is free for repairing, including materials related. Beyond the warranty period, the material costs and technical fee are charged.

3)The warranty of customized models is based on contract.

Warranty Coverage:

All of the products are within the warranty term. The following parts are not in the scope of free of charge.

1)The product is damaged by natural or damaged manually by users.

2)The product is out of the warranty period.

IDP Electronics controls each procedure well to make sure perfect and good quality product. In case there is product issue, please contact your sales consultant to get timely support. Remember to put the RMA number(please get it from your sales representative) on the product. The product might not be repaired if there is no RMA number.