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Q: What is LCD Advertising Media Player(LCD Media Player or LCD Player, hereinafter)?

A: Briefly LCD Advertising Media Player is composed of TFT LCD Screen, media player board and housings that connect the screen and board together.

Q: How does the LCD Player works for public advertising?

A: The LCD Player is installed in public places, such as shopping malls, banks and cooperate buildings etc. Generally there are two kinds management. One is that plug a memory card with advertisement information into the lcd player and it will auto play after power on. The another one is that connect lcd player with computer by internet. The users control what is presented in the lcd player in real time.

Q: Where can the lcd player be installed?

A: In one word, it depends on where you want to install the lcd player, such as supermarket, hotels, bank, hospital, lift, bus, taxi, metro, railway station, airport, chain stores, restaurant, scenic spots and cinema etc. Our OEM/ODM solution can meet any requirement when one wants to set up the advertisement.

Q: Is it easy to install the lcd player?

A: Yes. The lcd player is produced with an easy way to be installed. It doesn’t need a specialist to install. Anyone who buys it can install it easily.

Q: What does the lcd player will bring to the owners?

A: The lcd player directly increase the sales performance by perfect introduction and advertising. Meanwhile it gradually deepens the users’ experience and help raise the brand’s influence.